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Mulled Wine

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the family are all together, there are binge-worthy specials on the TV and it’s perfectly acceptable to unwind and be merry at 2pm in the afternoon. At Tom Browns Brasserie and Restaurant, we want to spread some of the festive cheer so we’ve put our heads together and created just for you the ultimate, Tom Brown’s approved, BEST mulled wine recipe that will be just perfect for any Christmas party!


We’ve scaled up this recipe to provide 30 servings, (so for a party of 10 that’ll be 2/3 servings each) but feel free to scale down (or up!) if needs be.




One large saucepan

4 bottles of red wine (find out tips on picking your wine below)

300g of caster sugar

1 and a half litres of apple juice

2 clementines

3 cinnamon sticks

1 tbsp of cloves

4/5 star anise (optional)

2 vanilla pods


When choosing your red wine, it’s important to choose quality over price; after all, this is a drink you will be serving a crowd so it should as yummy as possible! It’s easy to be hooked by the supermarkets £3 ‘mulling wine’ (we’ve all done it), but if you’re looking for a truly tasty vat of gorgeous gluhwein you need something with a bit more clout. Check out our post on how much you should spend on a bottle of wine to find out more, but for now if you’re looking for a lighter mulled wine, grab 4 bottles of pinot noir or merlot. If you love a heavier, more robust mulled wine, then you need either 4 bottles of rioja, malbec or cabernet sauvignon to give it the depth you’re looking for.


At Tom Browns we prefer using apple juice to orange juice in our mulled wine, as it makes your end product much less acidic without compromising on sweetness. Adding the clementines to the mixture will bring the orange flavour, but without overpowering the entire drink.


Now, let’s get your gluhwein going!


  • Empty out your 4 bottles of red into your large pan and bring the heat up to medium/low.
  • Add in your apple juice carefully and as the mixture heats, you will then want to add your sugar.
  • Stir the mixture to slowly let the sugar dissolve. You don’t want your mixture to go above 60C as this will start to burn off the alcohol.
  • Finally, add your spices and segments of clementine and then cover your mixture and leave it to and simmer for around 10 minutes. This gives enough time for your spices to warm and lets the clementine juice infuse into your drink. After your 10 minutes you can let your mixture cool and bring it back up to heat when your guests arrive, but make sure it’s on very low, as you don’t want to boil off your mixture at the last minute.
  • Ladle your mixture into your cups and enjoy!


To accompany your mulled wine making, we fully recommend putting on Wham!, grabbing some slightly questionable Christmas attire and dancing around your kitchen – trust us, your guests will be able to taste the difference!

Mulled Wine Mulled Wine


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