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A Bottle Of Wine


Quality Vs Price, but where’s the line? Well you should never be spending less than £7-£10 on your bottle of wine and here’s why…


Australia, France, Argentina, England; when you’re shopping for wine, sometimes we’re lead more by the price than the flavour. Who can honestly say that they’ve seen Wolf Blass on offer for a fiver and haven’t snatched it off the shelf? But, when you’re looking for the perfect treat for Friday evening, do you know how much you should be spending on a bottle of wine? We can help you figure out how much you should be spending, how much you’re getting for your money and popping the cork on some of the urban legends surrounding your favourite tipple.


Before buying your bottle, take a look at our booze break down. Using information collated this year, we’ve taken wines that sit on our supermarket shelves and spelt out what portion of our pound goes where.  Think about it for a second, packaing, logistics and excise duty are pretty much fixed costs, regardless of how much each botte is, so lets take our £5 friend, the Hardy’s Stamp Sauvignon Blanc from Asda.


Bottle cost: £5

Total margin: £1.08

Excise duty: £2.16

VAT: 83p

Packaging: 36p

Logistics: 20p

Money for wine: 37p


Just 37p…you could spend more on a packet of crisps than your bottle of wine! Lets compare this to a £10 bottle of wine, like the Cabeca de Toiro Reserva Portuguese Red from Tesco.


Bottle cost: £10

Total margin: £2.85

Excise duty: £2.16

VAT: £1.25

Packaging: 36p

Logistics: 20p

Money for wine: £2.76



For doubling your money, you’ve grown your cost on wine by nearly 650%, getting a much better quality, tastier wine just for a few extra quid. If excise cost is fixed at £2.16 for bottle, spending less than £5 is a really bad idea!


While we’re popping the cork on some wine myths, let’s clear one once and for all; are cork-topped bottles of wine better than screw tops?


Actually, no, not really!  Many will dispute the fact that cork topped wine tastes and smells subtly different to screw-top wines, thanks to the breathability of the cork, but in reality a study lead by a study conducted in 2004 concluded that this argument actually had much more to do with people’s perception of cork-topped wine compared to screw top. The sound of the popping cork made blind tasters favour the wine more as opposed to the sound of the screw top wine being opened, and so people’s senses of taste and sense were amplified by the setting that they were in.


So, when next Friday comes along and you’re looking for a nice bottle of wine to enjoy over your weekend, a £10 screw top will be JUST the ticket for you to get the flavour, taste and treat that you’re looking for!

A Bottle Of Wine



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